Shine Supply

In 2004, the owner of Shine Supply, Jeremy Stevens — then a detailer with a dream to create the highest quality automotive detailing product in the industry — came to us for help. We developed the all aspects of the brand, from the iconic logo to marketing materials, product labels, POS displays, apparel, video content, and photography. Today Shine Supply is a 7-figure company internationally known as more than just a brand: it’s a culture, a community, and a way of life.


“I’ve been working with H1 Media for over 15 years. Our partnership has been a huge blessing to my company and their creativity is extremely unique. Everything they produce has its arms around the clients vision and heartbeat. I would highly recommend H1 Media for all your graphic design and media needs. The team is top-notch and they deliver cutting-edge materials every time. “

Brand Identity

Starting with the original product “Ride Shine,” our vision for Shine Supply’s packaging was to give the products a vintage, street-style look and feel to help differentiate from competitors. Today the Shine Supply line has more than 100 SKUs that keep the hardcore fanbase engaged and continuously attract new customers.