Armada Engineering

Armada is a top player in the off-road racing industry, designing and developing cutting-edge race cars and OEM vehicles. When Armada owner Elliot Pollock came to us in 2014, he was building his first-ever, spec-class trophy truck. This was the beginning of a long-standing relationship driven by innovative, leading-edge design: Armada in their lane in the off-road industry, H1 in creative visualization and execution. Since that first truck, we’ve designed and produced all of their vehicle graphics, branded every team, built their website, and handled all of their photography and video needs — including filming their vehicles from the air annually during the world-famous Baja 1000.


“H1 isn’t just a design agency for us; they’re the core of our team. Shai’s depth of knowledge and passion for the sport is unparalleled, and it makes his design that much more powerful. We’re an 8-figure business today, and it’s due in large part to having the best look in the industry.”

Vehicle Graphics

It all began with Armada’s website; at the time, most off-road industry-related sites were outdated, cluttered, and had no sense of design or style. We had the vision to make Armada look like an automotive design firm — which in essence, they are — with sleek, purposeful design and a superior UX. As we saw it, our job was to convey the passion for the art of the car. Today, Armada’s look has set the industry standard, with many competitors following their lead… and eating their dust.